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  1. Hi Dave, Hope your well. The link that picks up my blog posts seems to have slipped off. Can you reconnect it for me please. Many Thanks Scoops

  2. Bob Miller Bob Miller

    If I recall, the format for Forever Charlton was changed once previously, resulting in the “source” not being identified, which is partially at least the case this time. It was then changed back. There are certain bloggers I read and others I ignore, but one has to open the link first to ascertain just who wrote it. I check this page daily, rely on it for my Charlton information, appreciate the effort put into collecting and presenting all these articles, but do prefer the previous format where you knew the source prior to opening.

    • admin admin

      See revision – the other change was due to a problem with our ‘feed mixer’


  3. Bob Miller Bob Miller

    All’s well Dave, thank you!!

    • dieppe addick dieppe addick

      Noted and changed in my RSS monitor


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